Raising Retirement Age: Can the Liberals find a way in upcoming Budget to tempt us to wait until 67 for OAS & CPP?

My latest Motley Fool blog looks at whether the Liberal Government intends to implement any suggestions by its Economic Advisory Council about raising the Retirement Age. See Will the Looming Federal Budget Try to Slip by Another Senior’s Benefit? Of course, as one source says, the Government officially doesn’t want to raise the age of […]

Delay CPP & OAS until 70? – Some case studies

By Ed Rempel Special to the Financial Independence Hub Planning the income for seniors often has the coolest opportunities to increase after-tax income. The government pensions, CPP [Canada Pension Plan] and OAS [Old Age Security], are full of opportunities, because: Seniors often have flexibility in taking taxable and non-taxable income. OAS is subject to several […]