Retired Money: Early or Delayed CPP? Age 65 may be best compromise

My latest MoneySense Retired Money column has just been published, which tackles that perennial personal finance chestnut of whether to take early or delayed CPP benefits. You can find it by clicking on the highlighted headline here: The Best Time to Take CPP: if you don’t know when you’ll die. That’s a pretty big “if,” […]

Should you take early CPP benefits or defer as long as possible?

By Chris Nicola Special to the Financial Independence Hub One question that often comes up about Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits is whether to take it earlier or later. If you Google this, you’ll get different answers: some say take it early, others say take it later. It seems the experts don’t quite agree, so […]

CPP will be there for future generations, CPPIB head reassures Advocis

My latest Financial Post blog looks at the misplaced perception that the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) might not be there for future generations. Click on the headline to retrieve the full article: No reason to fear CPP’s stability, CEO Machin says, but people do it anyway. Mark Machin is president and CEO of the Canada […]