My recent blogs: KIPPERS, insecure retirement, annuities, post-Trump investing

As regular Hub readers may know, I often write financial articles for other (mostly) digital media, usually the Financial Post, and Motley Fool Canada. Here’s some of the most recent blogs or columns, with links via the headlines. Nearing Retirement and still insecure about your finances? Sadly, you’re not alone. (FP, Nov. 17)). This came […]

Can’t retire? Semi-retirement is more fun anyway!

My recent blogs on Semi-Retirement seem to have struck a chord.  After I wrote this online piece for Semi-Retirement is the Future (and a version here on the Hub, under the headline The Next Boomer Wave: Semi-Retirement), I was interviewed by Peter Armstrong at CBC TV’s On the Money Show. The context of the CBC’s Tips for Boomers […]

Millennials say financial independence defines Adulthood

When asked to define what constitutes adulthood, 40% of of millennials (aged 18 to 26) cited Financial independence, according to a Bank of America report issued on October 6. it was reported by Reuters under the headline “For millennials, adulthood now defined by financial freedom.” As Bank of America executive Michele Barlow puts it, “It’s […]

Work while you play, play while you work

As I write an early draft of this blog, I am in Dublin, Ireland, at the midpoint of the second week of a two-week holiday. Readers may recognize this blog’s headline as the subtitle of the new book I’ve recently published, Victory Lap Retirement. It was written with ex-banker Mike Drak, whose blogs have been regularly posted or […]