Using annuities to create your own personal Pension In Retirement

The reason why retirement planning is so difficult is because the one variable we need to know – how long we have to live – is impossible to predict. Sure, we have mortality tables and family history to help guide us, but statistically speaking, half the population will outlive their median life expectancy. That makes […]

Early Retirement: It’s a Lifestyle, not a Vacation

By Akaisha Kaderli, Special to the Financial Independence Hub Ever wonder how it was for us in the beginning of living life without a paycheck? In 1991, we understood that we were retiring with the idea that we would not be returning to work. If we had to, we would, but it was not part of […]

3 predictions for the future Retirement landscape

By Sia Hasan Special to the Financial Independence Hub Retirement should be a time everyone looks forward to embracing. Theoretically, everything becomes easier in time. A retiree doesn’t need to deal with all the pressures of a stressful full-time job. Days can be spent doing more of the things the retiree enjoys. Such imagery, however, […]