3 ways to organize your new business

By Sia Hasan

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

If you have a new business, then it is crucial that you organize it in the right way. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on more productivity.

So ensure that you get the most done possible during the day and increase profits while reducing problems with workflow. Set up your business for massive success by organizing your business better in the following three ways:

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

The first thing you need to do when organizing your new business is determine what kind of roles everyone has. There should be specific and unique classifications as to who is responsible for what.

The best way to do this is with SOPs. These are documents that show everyone what is expected of each role. You can have certain protocols as to how to handle consumer service, sales, and more.

The idea of the SOP is that anyone can plug right into your business and know how to perform that role without much hassle. It’s a step by step list of instructions so there is no confusion regarding what needs to be accomplished to deem that particular part of the business a success. Of course, this kind of thing won’t happen overnight!

It is best to sit down and make time to create your own SOPs. You might even read a few books or resources on the subject. This way, you have some guidance. There are a lot of different ways to do it, but you need to choose one that works for you.

For instance, some people find that they prefer to record a video and upload the files online. Then, it acts as a training resource. Others like to write down the procedures and share them in the cloud. Do whatever seems right for your new business.

The right software

We live in a world where software is more important than ever. It is vital that you use the right software tools or you could risk falling behind. Oftentimes, the right software will allow you to get more done, save time, save money, and stay on the cutting edge so you can generate new ideas for even more innovation. Consider the various types of software out there.

For instance, accounting software for nonprofits helps you keep an eye on your transactions. This is crucial for a company. If you lose sight of what you need to be doing for your income or expenses, then it could come back to bite you later. This is true regardless of what kind of business you run.

Another type of software is a great CRM. Being able to communicate with your team and upload information about customers is invaluable. It shaves time off the communication cycle and gives everyone what they need in the cloud.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Long gone are the days where marketers had to sit down and write out a new email, post, or ad by hand. Today, you can use automation software to make these assets in a scalable way. After all, your team can’t be there every second of the day.

You want your team focused on the higher-level aspects, so let them do that. Enable them with marketing software that automates your funnels. It can test your ads right away.

For instance, you might have two versions of an ad. Version A can be running side by side with the other versions so your marketing is more efficient. In this way, your sales are more organized and you can learn more from them.

When it comes to organizing your business, it’s never easy. However, it can be made much better and you can achieve the kind of effectiveness you want if you follow the right principles. Use the tips above to put your business in the best position to succeed. That way, you can generate more profits now and into the future for your company.

Sia Hasan is a tech entrepreneur by day, and a freelance writer by night. Her passion lies in business technology, efficient and sleek programming, and customer relationship management. When she doesn’t have her nose pressed against her computer screen, you can find her spending time with the loves of her life, her two dogs, Pixel and Vector.

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