7 tips for investing in the Trump era

Investors are inquiring how to invest their nest eggs after the U.S. election and the unexpected win by Donald Trump.” Let’s keep it very simple and explore a dose of reverse engineering. I highlight seven top tips for adoption:

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1.) Ask where you want your nest egg to be in five, ten or twenty years.

2.) It’s imperative to always think and act logically, not emotionally.

3.) Accept that bond and stock market volatility is here to stay.

4.) Revisit your expectations as to goals, needs, objectives and plan of action.

5.) Implement, tweak and be patient with your long-term strategies.

6.) Cut to the chase and focus on managing your investing risks.

7.)  Keep cash available for buying opportunities during market sell-offs.

These straightforward, sensible tips can stickhandle your nest egg out of trouble most times.

AdrianAdrian Mastracci, MBA,  is president and portfolio manager for Vancouver-based KCM Wealth Management Inc., specializing in designing and stewarding retirement portfolios

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