Do you have a case of the “What If’s”?

An Interview with Brian Watkins by Billy and Akaisha Kaderli,

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Thank you, Brian, for taking the time to answer all our questions!

Brian Watkins enjoying his last year of teaching

Retire Early Lifestyle: Could you tell us a little about yourself, and how old you are?

Brian Watkins: Hi, as of 14 months ago I quit my job as a teacher, a position I held for 22 years, and at 48 decided to travel and enjoy a different lifestyle. I wanted a life with more freedom and less obligation to debt. I had spent a lifetime accepting that debt was part of the American lifestyle and just wanted something different.

REL: What got you started investing and when?

BW: In my very first year of teaching, I was broke and struggling from month to month. At work I saw sign that read “Free Pizza….. in the Library.” Not sure what the rest of the sign said but I was down with free pizza, so I headed to the library. Little did I know that with a slice came some financial advice. By the time I left I was investing $100 a month in a 403B and only going to see a $70 difference in my check. The lesson: live on less and invest!

REL: When did you know you were ready to retire and what motivated you?

BW: At 46 both my mother and father passed within six months of each other. I really didn’t want to risk working till death. So at that point I started working on my exit plan.

REL: What do you do for income generation?

BW: When I turn 55 I will be eligible to withdraw from my pension. I have a 403B in place that will be eligible at 591/2 and I currently live off the sale of my condo. My overall goal has been to live off 4% of my total investments.

REL: What do you plan to budget annually for your retirement?

BW: I had an educated idea of what my expenses might be but purchasing your book and tracking my expenses helped me more than you’ll ever know. In my first 12 months I spent $16,542. Eight months of that was for two people. My annual budget broke down as follows:

REL: Can you share with us anything about how your portfolio is structured?

BW: My current portfolio is 75% equities, 25% bonds.  

Puerto Galera, Philippines

REL: You are one of the new generation of Early Retirees who are well versed in a digital lifestyle. How have you used this technology to enhance your retirement?

BW: I have actually learned so much from the retirees who are digitally inclined. I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for those countries IP address that my bank blocks. I have a Google voice number so that I can call (or text) a U.S. number from Google Hangouts using wifi only.

The most important people to me have the Cash App and I can send or receive money on it and have it deposited for free (3 day waiting period) or for a fee same day.

When it comes to technology I believe in spending up and going small. However that doesn’t mean that you always need the latest and most expensive. For instance, my current iPhone 6 I bought used, then had it refurbished in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost of the U.S. and gave my old phone to my girlfriend.

REL: What has been your greatest challenge on your road to Early Retirement? Your biggest lesson?

BW: My biggest challenge was overcoming fear. Each month that passed the fear and doubt mounted and I continually got a case of the “what if’s”. Ultimately it helped me to understand that what happened after is a part of the journey. I also asked the most important question “What if I die at my desk?”

REL: What advice would you give to someone considering Early Retirement?

BW: I would highly recommend they buy your books. After I made my decision and made my plans to retire early I researched and purchased your book, Your Retirement Dream IS Possible. The book confirmed many of my thoughts on early retirement and was an extremely useful guide in the process.

REL: Do you speak other languages?

BW: I lived in Mexico for one year as a kid and picked up some functional Spanish.

REL: You are too young to qualify for Medicare, what do you do about healthcare? Are you open to medical tourism?

BW: As I’m an enrolled member of the Yurok Tribe I’m eligible for basic medical and dental through my tribe. However, during travel I pay out of pocket.

REL: Share with us your best money-saving secret.

BW: Honestly one of the best tips is from your book which is to track your spending. Knowing where the money goes helps me adjust and project future spending.

REL: What are your greatest passions in life?

BW: For 25 years I coached high school football and 8 of those I was the Head football coach. I enjoyed coaching immensely and will probably return to it in the future.

REL: Do you have a home base or own a home?

BW: Currently my home base is southern California near Victorville, where my sister and aunt live.

REL: Tell us about your greatest personal success, not necessarily finance related.

BW: I would have to say that while living on my own since I was 16, I managed to graduate from college on my own.

REL: What is a secret fact about you?

BW: At age 10 my mother moved our family to Mexico and at age 11, I made the journey back with people I hand known for a week.

REL: What are you most proud of so far in life?

BW: Coaching kids for 25 years and teaching for 22 years.

REL: What do you do for fun or entertainment?

BW: I most enjoy spending time with friends on the beach or near the lake.

REL: Where are you going next?

BW: I currently have been spending time between the Philippines, USA and Guatemala. However, I’m most interested in seeing Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

REL: What has been the biggest early retirement lifestyle surprise?

BW: Probably the biggest has been becoming an accidental minimalist. I reduced all of my life’s possessions down to a few boxes at my sister’s house and two travel bags. My travels have caused me to accumulate experiences with great people rather than buying “things.”

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