Global Recruitment trends: targeting Millennials with social media

By Edward Page

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

Today’s fast-paced and growing technology is indeed changing the world, especially in the business world, by contributing undeniable implications to businesses including workforce recruitment and employment.

With these advancements, a lot of relevant changes have taken place. Recruitment processes and systems have been greatly affected through this generation’s technological breakthroughs, as more employers and applicants have been relying on social media for their job searches.

Further, a lot of online tools and systems have been made available everywhere to support the continuous development of the recruitment industry. Clearly, today’s technology has changed the trends and statistics of the recruitment industry, and as effective HR professionals, you must take advantage of these and utilize them to its maximum.

Moving forward, recruitment will not only focus on experts who have already established their careers, but also on the lookout for fresh, young talents who are trying their luck in the business world and looking for the perfect job they could all grow into for their future.

Recruiters seek Millennials via social media

As recruiters focus on targeting millennial talents, you should know how and where to find them. Where? Social media. A number of recruitment firms have transitioned from traditional to social media recruiting, and this works well for them. With not much effort, all hiring posts can easily be seen or reached by almost everyone on the internet. Talk about hitting two (or more) birds with one stone!

With the development of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and improvements around telecommunications, hiring volume is set to increase around the globe. This is what global recruitment is all about.

Sometimes, it’s better to aim for something new and fresh that could eventually give a lot to your business, as sticking with something typical and expected can be boring. However, being adventurous and a risk taker can take you places. Then again, it all boils down to how you evaluate your strategies, and how your company has performed in terms of diversity and flexibility in the workplace.

With an eye for detail and attitude towards excellence, Edward Page has proven himself to be ThisWay Global’s guide in recruitment technology. As a Business Development head, he leads a team to keep on pushing the envelope when it comes to using technology for recruitment—a hiring process that focuses on diversity and less on the bias.




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