How to preach about Money

By Emily Roberts

For the Financial Independence Hub

Many pastors struggle to preach about the topic of money. However, talking about money is more valuable than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a huge increase in the number of people finding it hard to manage financially. Thanks to this, it is important that pastors talk about money and what the bible has to say about it. Not only will this improve the spiritual health of your congregation, but it can also improve the health of the church. If you want to preach about money, then here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

1.)  Don’t apologize for talking about Money

Money is an important part of the discipleship process. Jesus said that people’s finances and people’s hearts were connected. So, when you create your sermon, it is important to remember that you are preaching a discipleship sermon and not simply a sermon about money. You should never say sorry for encouraging your congregation to follow Jesus.

2.)  Make it normal to talk about Money

We talk about money daily, to our friends, our family and other important people in our lives. However, although money is an important topic that needs to be discussed, it is not a regular topic discussed in church. Pastors need to start talking about money with their congregation. They should talk about things like retirement, savings, debt, and insurance. They can also talk about giving money to people who need it.

3.)  Help people with their Finances

One of the best ways to preach about money and gain the respect of your congregation is to help your congregation improve their finances.

You could talk about things like setting budgets, making small money goals, and learning how to appreciate what they already have.

4.  Your congregation wants to know what the Bible says about Money

People go to church to hear what the Bible has to say. They want to know what God thinks about things, including money. The bible is full of verses that touch on specific topics like money. Whether you are looking for topical sermons such as sermons on money or you are wanting to find some verses for a particular event, Pushpay is a great option for you. They have a range of church resources to help you including a huge list of bible verse by topic for pastors.

5.  )   Stewardship is more than Money

Although sermons on money encourage people to give more money to the church, this is not their main goal. Their actual goal is to help people to follow Jesus when it comes to stewardship. While this includes money, it also includes things like how they use their house, their time, their retirement, their care, and steward their whole life.

Many church leaders find it difficult to preach to a congregation about money. However, money is an important topic that needs to be discussed. This is because money is essential to us all. Not only is it needed when it comes to ministry, but it is also one of the biggest stresses and struggles of people today. If you want to preach about money, then make sure you follow some of our advice above.

Emily Roberts is a young writer who is passionate about literature and blog writing.

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