Marketing tips for reaching the Seniors demographic

By Meggie Nahatakyan

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

When selling to seniors in this age of digital marketing careers, it’s not just about making the fonts of your sales copy bigger and bolder. Yes, selling a product to this market sector is somewhat different than selling the same product to the millennials. So, how can you convince the elderly to buy your product?

Understand the seniors market

There are a number of fundamental things that you need to know before attempting to market your product to seniors.

1.) The very first thing to know is the exact places where the majority of them reside. You can get this information by researching their demographic records. There are online portals that offer this kind of service. Knowing where your market is concentrated will help you focus your marketing campaign more effectively and economically.

2.) Use the information contained in Amazon selling statistics. You will be able to get an overall picture of how your market reacts to certain products or services by using the information contained in this database. Information such as their spending habits and other stuff can help you successfully sell to this age group.

Think like a senior

If you put yourself in their shoes, you will get an inkling of their needs and wants. Here are some things that you might want to consider:

1.) Most seniors take drugs or medicine for their particular health conditions. Knowing the most prevalent health conditions of seniors will help you cater your product to their wants and wishes.

2.) Most seniors attend church. A report from a news network revealed that a majority of those who are 65 and older go to church each week. Churches usually have bulletin boards for their sundry announcements. You can use these venues to get your product in front of your audience.

3.) Publish your product in the pages of publications catering to seniors. Additionally, a study also showed that a lot of them choose to read their news from the traditional print copy or newspapers rather than surfing the web for online news.

Talk like a senior

The best way to sell a product to someone that you really don’t know is to speak his or her language. In other words, don’t use the language of a young person if you are trying to convince an elderly person to buy your product. You need to understand the psychology of the senior’s language.

For instance, most millennials are excited by the prospect of owning a certain electronic gadget. Seniors, on the other hand, are more concerned about how a product can improve the way they live. It pays to use their language and their way of communicating and to avoid the lingo that is most popularly used in your particular age group. Always remember that communicating is a way of relating tothe other person.

Know that seniors have different concerns

In marketing a product, it is fundamentally telling the other person what the product can do for him. It is not really just selling the product per se.

This is the very first thing that you must consider when selling to seniors. In other words, you need to understand that the concerns of seniors are vastly different than the concerns of millennials.

Seniors are no longer concerned about building their reputation. Unlike younger people, they are more concerned about living the rest of their lives comfortably with less hassles and issues. How will your product help them achieve this kind of life? Focus your digital marketing on those features and you will be able to reach them effectively.

Consider the effects of the digital age on seniors

The internet of things, like it or not, has affected the lives of all people around the world, including seniors. For instance, a growing number of seniors have been using various social media networks to re-connect with their school mates and friends of years past. You can be sure that Amazon selling statistics can vouch for this fact.

In fact, a leading business periodical with worldwide circulation had reported that the fastest demographic growth when it comes to using social media networks is among those who are 74 years old and above. Surf the internet and you will see websites catering to seniors sprouting here and there. This is a venue you can utilize to promote your product.

Make it easy for seniors to order your product

Making it easy to purchase your product is one of the basic rules no matter what age group you are targeting. All the more so if you are focusing your digital marketing career on the senior age.

Remember that they didn’t have cellphones and electronic gadgets when they were still young. They are still learning the tech, so to speak. Therefore, make your ordering process less stringent by designing easy buttons to click and less filling of purchase orders using the screen of the mobile phone.

Selling to seniors requires a different route. Their needs, desires, and concerns are different from the younger set. Therefore, you need to follow the above tips if you want them to buy your product or service.

Meggie Nahatakyan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Triune Digitals, a Full-service digital marketing agency. She began her career as a junior SEO specialist by working her way up to a project manager, gaining unparalleled experience in the digital marketing space while also establishing herself as a respected team leader. Currently, she’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Triune Digitals, widely known for its white labeling services in the U.S. With her free time she enjoys playing tennis and dreams about skydiving”

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