Overlooked retirement income and planning considerations

By Mark Seed, MyOwnAdvisor

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

I’ve updated this retirement income planning post to reflect some current thoughts. Check it out!

I’ve mentioned this a few times on my site: there is a wealth of information about asset accumulation, how to save within your registered and non-registered accounts to plan for retirement. There is far less information about asset decumulation including approaches to earn income in retirement.

Thankfully there are a few great resources available to aspiring retirees and those in retirement – some of those resources I’ve written about before.

Retirement income and planning articles on my site:

One of my favourite books about generating retirement income is one by Daryl Diamond, The Retirement Income Blueprint

An article about creating a cash wedge as you open up the investment taps.

A review about The Real Retirement.

These are six big mistakes in retirement to avoid.

A review of how to generate Retirement Income for Life.

This is my bucket approach to earning income in retirement.

Here are 4 simple ways to generate more retirement income.

Can you have too much dividend income? (I doubt it!)

Other resources and drawdown ideas:

Instead of focusing on the 4% rule, you can drawdown your portfolio via Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW).

A reminder the 4% rule doesn’t work for everyone. Some people ignore the 4% rule altogether.

Getting older but my planning approach stays the same

As I get older, I’m gravitating more and more this aforementioned “bucket approach” for retirement income purposes. This bucket approach consists of three key buckets in our personal portfolio to address our needs:

  • a bucket of cash savings
  • a bucket of dividend paying stocks
  • a bucket of a few equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

My Own Advisor Bucket Approach May 2019

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