Pokemon Go/Augmented Reality revolutionizing small business marketing

pokemon-4By Kollin Lore, Hub Staff

We are entering a new era in technology with Pokemon Go kick-starting the permeation of Augmented Reality. There are many sceptics who scoff at the mobile game, claiming it’s just a fad and Pokemon Go may very well be just that.

However, the bigger picture, what matters, is that Pokemon GO is the start of a revolution – augmented reality that is here to stay.

There is much discussion to be had regarding the mobile game, but one crucial and interesting point to raise is the effect it has on small businesses.

Down at a little known restaurant called Nova Ristorante in Scarborough, I noticed a big sign out front as I pulled in: “Rare Pokemon Inside!”

I was not aware at the time that there are many businesses across the country that are implementing the same tactic to draw in customers. Quite suddenly, a new strategy in small business marketing has risen, one that businesses, if you haven’t already, should strongly consider as this craze evolves.

How does it work?

Pokémon Go has an item called a “lure model,” which makes your business a Pokestop and attracts rare Pokemon to your location.  The lures can be seen by other players and they will be drawn to your doors. Call it a ‘millennial trap,’ if you will.

The lure model can be purchased for a small investment, and if used right, its value is tremendous. Who doesn’t want a crowd of crazed millenials walking though their store front? To be frank though, millenials in all their numbers make for great business and implementing Pokemon Go as a strategy is really a no-brainer.

What is fascinating is that Pokemon GO is just the beginning. We will only see more Augmented Reality games being released in the months to come.  Augmented Reality is the next revolution, following social media, for small business marketing. It would be wise to strike gold while the craze is still in its relative infancy.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWpAAAAJDkwYjM5ZmYyLWM3YzUtNDk5Ni05OGFiLWYwMTYxOGE3Yzk2MwKollin Lore is a freelance writer specializing in all things entertainment and arts. He is also a student of PR and Advertising. Currently, Kollin is doing PR and social media for Creative Marketing Network and non-profit organization, Music Can Heal.

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