How to save money on TV, Phone and broadband packages

By Jeremy Dawson

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Many people have made the blunder of subscribing to TV, phone or broadband packages without due diligence about the kind of service they are paying for. This leads them to pay hefty bills on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis without realising that they can actually save more on those subscriptions.

They only realise they have been getting a raw deal when a friend alerts them to a better service with which they have experimented. In most cases, these people still see adverts of cheaper subscriptions online or in the media, but they are skeptical to try new services with which they have no experience.

Before subscribing to any TV, phone or broadband services, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research, both online and offline. This will help you identify the service provider with the best yet affordable deal. Some people have the notion that a cheap service provider offers low-quality products and hence, they tend to stick to the overrated and sometimes inferior services. There are various factors to look for when shopping around for the best service provider for TV, phone and broadband, which can save you a considerable amount of money in the long-term.

Type of subscription

The first factor you may want to consider when choosing the best service provider for TV, phone and broadband packages is the kind of subscription. Different service providers have diverse types of subscriptions, depending on the kind of services they are offering.

In the case of choosing a subscription for TV, phone and broadband, a triple play kind of subscription would be the best. A triple play service offers TV, phone, and broadband all in one subscription. This subscription is considerably cheaper as compared to paying for your services in a sole subscription. Many service providers offer this package to attract more customers and to ensure that they increase their revenues due to a large number of subscribers.

Match your needs to your deal

When shopping around for the best subscription for TV, phone and broadband, one of the main factors to consider is the purpose of subscribing to a specific service. Although the triple play service is the best type of subscription, there are various categories that are priced differently depending on the intended uses of the customers.

You may find that the triple play services are offering different TV, phone and broadband packages that customers can choose from. If your intention of subscribing to the triple play service is more based on data than TV or phone, you will definitely go for the package that offers the fastest and unlimited bandwidth.

On the other hand, if you are shopping for a service for the main purpose of watching, maybe for a business, a TV subscription that offers the most international and sports channels would be the best option. For a busy business that uses phone calls most of the time to reach its clients, a package that offers the most minutes per month and relatively fewer TV channels will be the best option to consider.

Contract length

When you want to save most on your TV, phone and broadband subscriptions, shopping for a provider that offers the best price for various contract lengths will be a great idea. In most cases, service providers offer cheaper deals to clients who subscribe to length contract. A customer who subscribes to a monthly contract, for example, will pay more in total after a year as compared to one who paid for the whole-year subscription at once.

When shopping around for the best deal, it’s advisable to look for service providers that offer a maximum of 18 months contract . This subscription, however, should not be used by customers who have an intention of relocating, as most companies do not offer the money back once a customer subscribes to a particular package.

Determining your needs while shopping for TV, phone and broadband services will go a long way to saving your money. You should also plan ahead and determine whether the initial need for subscribing to a particular package will still be significant in months to come to avoid the need of switching to another package before the initially purchased expires.

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