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Canadians miss out on $1,000 a year from Credit Card rewards, RateHub says

By Alyssa Furtado, RateHub.ca

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

A whopping 86 per cent of Canadians say one of their top reasons when choosing a new credit card is earning rewards points or cash back, this according to a recent survey done by Ratehub.ca. 42% of those surveyed said they’ve never searched or compared credit cards to ensure they’re getting the maximum return.

Based on spending averages from Statistics Canada, that means Canadians could be giving up almost $1,000 rewards by not using one of the best credit cards available.

How is that possible? Well, when you look at some of the best credit cards in Canada, they offer up to 5% in cash back or rewards for certain categories. In addition, many cards offer a big sign-up bonus that could be worth anywhere from $250 to $500, so it’s not hard to see how some people are missing out.

Choosing a new credit card

With 29 per cent of those surveyed saying that the card they use most has been in their wallet for more than 10 years and another 50 per cent saying they would never pay an annual fee, perhaps it’s psychology that’s holding them back from making a change?

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