Time is running out: Creating an audacious Retirement plan

By Sean Riggs

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

It’s already midlife, the bills are piling up and you haven’t started saving up for retirement. This might be a scary time in your life but the most important thing is not to panic. Rather, take comfort in the fact that as long as you are breathing, there is still time for you to create an audacious retirement plan. This ensures that you have enough funds saved for a secure future when you are not as productive.

1.) Tally savings and future income sources

Start by identifying how much you have in savings, what your sources of income will be in retirement and just how much you will need to retire comfortably. An understanding of your situation will also help you budget accordingly for your desired retirement lifestyle.

2.) Investigate employer pensions

If you are employed, ask about sponsored retirement plans by your employer. Some employers may contribute to your retirement package and it is your duty to ensure that this happens. You need to start contributing as fast as possible so you can catch up and manage to save enough for retirement.

3.) Cut expenses or find new revenue streams

Time may be running out but for the sake of your retirement, try to reduce expenses or find other revenue streams. This way you will boost taxable savings and create a nest to fall back on when you can no longer work.

4.) Start a business or buy one

Instead of the traditional tactic of opening a retirement account with a financial planner, save yourself the mathematical intricacies by considering available alternatives. Where it is impossible to save what you need within a short timeline, you could start acquiring assets or starting a business. Direct ownership is a chance to accumulate savings faster than with traditional methods.

5.) Move to lower-cost districts

It is important to define living arrangements in your retirement plan. Late starters are advised to move to low-cost neighborhoods so they can have more to cash for their retirement kitty. If this isn’t appealing, Independent Living Hilton Head like any other assisted living facility is worthy of your consideration. With senior housing, it is possible to live out your retirement in comfort since your needs will be attended to without losing the much-needed independence. Assisted living communities are a great option that allows people to interact, and carry on with ordinary life activities without negatively impacting their loved ones.

6.) Work part-time in Retirement

Retirement doesn’t necessarily mean that you must spend the rest of your life idle. This is why you should deeply consider things to keep you busy out of your normal work routine. Even in retirement, it’s wise to keep active for the sake of physical health and social engagement. Consider getting a part-time job and reinvent yourself to ensure that there is happiness in retirement.

Planning for retirement later in life is by no means easy but that shouldn’t be a reason to ignore it altogether. Choose one or more of the strategies above and commit to it for guaranteed security in retirement. It might not be practical to adopt all strategies at once, so you must choose the most appropriate. Once implemented, move on to the next one for prominent results.

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