10 things retirees won’t tell you

Delayed or Secure Retirement fund planVia BC-based certified financial planner Fred Kirby comes this Marketwatch piece on ten things retirees won’t tell you. Several of the points may resonate with readers of this site, although of course our distinction between the terms “Retirement” and “Financial Independence” may make some of the points moot. We may riff off this list at some point in the future, but in the meantime also check Monday’s guest blog by Matthew Erdrey on a similar theme, and watch for a similar post on Boxing Day.

Below is Marketwatch‘s list of ten; click through on the above link for the complete piece:

1.)  We’re broke.

2.)  Retirement is more stressful than it looks.

3.)  We spend too much time by ourselves.

4.) We’re in denial about our health problems …

5.) … and our health costs are huge.

6.)  We’re coming after your jobs.

7.) We still get frisky.

8.) We’re planning to move in with you.

9.) That big Hawaii trip? It’s more like a pipe dream.

10.) We’re scam magnets.

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