5 ways to use LinkedIn to boost your B2B Brand

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By Michael Meyer

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Social media marketing is an incredibly lucrative way to generate leads, grow your company, and engage with your target audience. One popular way to market in the B2B space involves using LinkedIn. This platform for professionals is a top-notch spot to identify and nurture leads, simply because so many business leaders and owners spend time on the platform.

Unfortunately, getting the hang of LinkedIn can be a bit difficult if you’ve never marketed your B2B company on the platform before. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to use LinkedIn to grow your business, and we put together a list of our top tips for success.

Are you unsure of how to use LinkedIn to really start boosting and growing your B2B company? Check out our top five tips for using LinkedIn below!

These methods for using LinkedIn to improve your B2B company’s customer engagement are very helpful, and also easy to implement.

●    Use SEO to Your Advantage

Having a top-notch business profile on LinkedIn will only be beneficial to a certain point. Search engine optimization is your best friend when it comes to B2B marketing. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to implement an SEO strategy when setting up your LinkedIn profile.

Conduct keyword research for your brand and industry and insert those keywords in various areas of your business profile. Remember to avoid keyword bloating or using keywords that aren’t relevant. It’s not even necessary to engage in in-depth research when it comes to finding the right keywords for your profile. Simply list the phrases and words a customer would be most likely to use to find your business and incorporate them.

●    Use LinkedIn to Experiment with your Marketing

If you’ve only recently launched your B2B company or are just now getting into social media marketing, this is a great opportunity to experiment with your content. Once you’re at a point where you understand the ins and outs of LinkedIn’s functionality, start diversifying your content. Just as well, if you use B2B appointment setting services, you can experiment with promoting your easy-to-set appointments via LinkedIn as well to streamline your leads.

Post at various different times throughout the week and keep an eye on which posts get the most engagement. Use a variety of content in different tones and measure how much engagement they get. Keep a keen eye on your analytics. Browse through your competitors’ LinkedIn profiles to see what they are doing.

●    Take advantage of Groups

The group feature on LinkedIn isn’t just for networking or looking for employment. Rather, groups are designed to meet a wide range of interests, both work-focused and personal. Look at groups that align with your industry, solution, and work-related interests. Join as many of these groups as possible.

Once you’ve been let into a few groups, start posting your ideas or B2B-related stories. Ask and answer questions. The key here isn’t to advertise your business, but to be a credible figure in your industry. You might be surprised by the number of referrals or recommendations your company will receive from simply being involved with like-minded business professionals.

●    Make your Employees (and yourself) Visible

Consumers and business owners alike don’t trust companies the way they used to. In order to stand out, it’s vital for your B2B company to have a human, personable element in order to nurture trust with your target audience.

Encourage all of your company’s employees to set up a LinkedIn account if they haven’t already and to complete their profiles with your company’s information. Ensure that everyone, including your own personal page, has great photos, correct job history, and descriptions of how each individual works to benefit your company. This web of connections to your company will help boost traffic to your company page and spread awareness of your company. It may even be worth it to hire a professional photographer to take headshots of your workforce and schedule a day where everyone can set their accounts up and receive help where needed.

If your business is quite small, we’d recommend simply focusing on your own profile.

●    Reach Out and Don’t Get Discouraged

Keep in mind that while using LinkedIn to reach out to prospective leads, the rate of success will be low for a while. However, it’s vital to keep at it. For example: Throughout the week, you might sit down to reach out to about 1,000 different business owners or executives. Out of this 1,000, only about five will respond. Only two of those five professionals will become clients. While this may not seem like much, this is actually a great number and very predictable. If you can draft an excellent cold opener and use that to message 1,000 people per week, then you’ll be able to successfully grow your business with LinkedIn.

How was our guide to using LinkedIn for marketing your B2B company? Tell us which tip we mentioned helped you the most in the comments below.

Michael Meyer is a business growth strategist. He shares his knowledge and experience on various platforms. His main areas of expertise include business growth, inbound, and outbound marketing & sales.

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