7 ways to earn money with a Mobile Phone


How can you earn money by using a mobile phone? You are on your phone constantly, and, for some of us, it’s seemingly impossible to put down. Make your screen time do double duty by tapping into your phone’s earning potential.

To help you earn a little extra cash, we asked business professionals and financial experts and this question for their best advice. From managing social media accounts to selling your stuff online, there are several strategies you can use to generate an income using your smartphone.

Here are seven ways you can make a profit by using a mobile phone:

  • Raid your Closet
  • Get Cash back
  • Help test Websites
  • Manage Social Media accounts
  • Download a Research App
  • Take on Small Jobs
  • Sell your Stuff

Raid your Closet

One way to earn extra cash by using your mobile phone is to look at what’s in your closet. Apps like Depop or Poshmark allow you to sell your unused clothes from your phone. It’s a fact that sometimes clothes get buried in drawers and in the back of the closet forgotten to time. When you need some spare cash, or you just want some additional income, you don’t have to do a lot to get it. In your spare time, take a look at what’s in your closet that you’re not wearing anymore and support sustainable practices by giving your clothes a new home rather than just tossing them out. — Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional

Get Cash back

Your mobile phone can be a time-sucking, social-media black hole. But it could also be the savvy consumer’s most powerful secret weapon. You can earn cashback with awesome free apps, such as Ibotta, at thousands of retailers on almost every product you can think of. And simply getting 2–5% of what you’ve spent really starts to add up. So every time you hit the shops, make sure your cashback app is fired up and ready to keep your wallet a little heavier. — Chris Panteli, LifeUpswing

Help test websites

The app User Testing sets business and website owners up with technology users and asks them a series of questions to help improve the user experience of their site or app. Each session pays $10, and some “live” sessions pay $30–$60 for your responses. It’s very easy to sign up for and a great way to make some extra cash for the week! Tests are chosen based on your experiences, so be sure to be thorough when filling out your profile! — Katie Fellenz, Trust & Will

Manage Social Media account

Social media has turned out to be a huge platform with various jobs associated with it. The ‘Social media assistant’ is one such job where you manage the social media profiles of a client. It’s hassle-free as most of the tasks are performed through your mobile device.

This job requires you to interact with the client’s audience through comments, likes, shares, and messages. Often this comes with organizing internal follow-ups or support processes. Usually, this job requires you to work within business hours, which leads to a steady income. You can use various freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to reach new clients. — Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork

Download a Research App

Nielsen is well known for offering consumer insights, but one way that it obtains that data is the same method that you can use to earn money through your phone. That is, by installing Nielsen’s app on your phone, they will pay you $50 per year for the app to run in the background and collect data on your phone usage. The data is completely anonymous with no way, so they say, of being able to be traced back to you specifically. The app is also very small, so it shouldn’t impact your phone’s performance. While $50 may not be a life-changing amount, it’s not bad for doing something that basically requires no work at all on your part! — Anna Barker, Logical Dollar

Take on Small Jobs

Gigwalk is a great option to make some extra money on the side. The app is simple and hassle-free so that you can start right away. Effectively, the app pays you for doing simple tasks such as delivery, mystery shopping, taking photos, or even mobile app testing. The pay ranges from $3 all the way up to $100 depending on the length and complexity of the task. By using a direct integration with PayPal, withdrawal requests are all the easier. All in all, Gigwalk is definitely worth a try as a fun and active side hustle. — Bart Turczynski, ResumeLab

Sell your Stuff

With Offerup, you can buy and sell anything locally, from cars to printers to old dishware you no longer need but can be used elsewhere, all while making a small profit. It’s a good opportunity to earn money all while helping the environment as well. OfferUp is a great way to reduce landfill waste. — Louis Leidenfrost, Paint Your Numbers

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