9 things to be thankful for this weekend

thanksgiving color seamless autumn pattern eps10From USA Today this weekend comes this article by Bob Powell ┬áthat should give “those saving for or living in retirement” several trends or statistics to be thankful for.

Among these are:

1.) Low inflation

2.) Longer life expectancy (See also the Hub’s Longevity & Aging section for more on this trend.) Go the full link at USA Today to click on its Life Expectancy Calculator.

3.) Social Security (or for Canadians, CPP/OAS/GIS. More on that in Monday’s Financial Post)

4.) Choices in the financial marketplace: stocks, bonds, insurance, annuities, mutual funds and ETFs, real estate, commodities, hedge funds

5.) Good health

6.) Little things and being in the moment

7.) Quality relationships

8.) The Internet

9.) Freedom

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