9 things to be thankful for this weekend

thanksgiving color seamless autumn pattern eps10From USA Today this weekend comes this article by Bob Powell  that should give “those saving for or living in retirement” several trends or statistics to be thankful for.

Among these are:

1.) Low inflation

2.) Longer life expectancy (See also the Hub’s Longevity & Aging section for more on this trend.) Go the full link at USA Today to click on its Life Expectancy Calculator.

3.) Social Security (or for Canadians, CPP/OAS/GIS. More on that in Monday’s Financial Post)

4.) Choices in the financial marketplace: stocks, bonds, insurance, annuities, mutual funds and ETFs, real estate, commodities, hedge funds

5.) Good health

6.) Little things and being in the moment

7.) Quality relationships

8.) The Internet

9.) Freedom

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