Book Excerpt from The Wills Lawyers: The Knife in Dad’s Heart

I will be one of four speakers tonight at The Financial Show in downtown Toronto. Three books will be distributed, including Findependence Day and The Wills Lawyers. The authors/wills & estates lawyers provided the Hub with a sample excerpt of their book below, a sad little tale that starkly reveals the need to have a will in place before the inevitable occurs. As it has already been published, we have not altered the text.  — JC

Les&BarryBy Les Kotzer and Barry Fish, The Wills Lawyers

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

It’s not as if Kayla and her three brothers had always gotten along with each other; but when Dad’s health started to go downhill, all four siblings agreed amongst themselves that in Dad’s presence, they would never argue and would never speak of sickness or death. All they agreed to speak of in his presence was the upbeat, the comical, only those special warm subjects that make people happy.

Their agreement worked well and did bring cheer to Dad, which they could tell by his constant smile whenever they were together with him. Even when he had to be hospitalized, that smile of his seemed to push away the reality of his rapidly-deteriorating health.

InHouse-TheWillsLawyer-Cover-R12-1The doctor had called Kayla in the morning. His news was not good, and he had asked Kayla to call her brothers together so that the four of them could pay their final respects to their father at the hospital.

Dad’s smile greeted them as they entered the room. It was as if the fact he was dying was pushed away, once again. The discussion was again upbeat, and pictures, report cards, comments on the successes of grandchildren, and a bowling trophy kept that smile on Dad’s face. But the tone in the room turned very dark when Kayla suddenly began a barrage of questions. “Dad, what about the house? You left me the house in your will, right? Should I call a lawyer to come here right now to make sure it’s in your will? Am I going to be able to still live there when you die? You know I deserve the house more than they do! And, where’s the will, Dad?”

As Dad heard these words, his eyes filled with tears, and that smile left his face, never to return. Her words made her brothers furious with her. But, with those words now out of her mouth, they could never be taken back.

It’s as if Dad died twice. Once, when he heard Kayla’s selfish outburst, and the second time, the next morning, when the doctor pronounced Dad dead.


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  1. Hi Jon,

    A sad story indeed. When it comes to money and family finances, many families tend not to communicate. Unfortunately this lack of communication can have very negative consequences. It is so important not only to have a will but to make sure the heirs and executors know where find the copies. I know this is a difficult topic for many people but if you have not yet started to communicate your estate planning wishes with your family, I implore you to start today.

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