Canadian Financial Summit starts online October 18


The annual Canadian Financial Summit kicks on online tomorrow: Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023.

The all-virtual summit, now in its 7th year, features more than 35 speakers, including Yours Truly, as well as several other financial commentators pictured to the left: Ellen Roseman, Rob Carrick, Preet Banerjee, Ed Rempel, Lisa Hannam and many more.

Other familiar names that will be familiar to Hub readers include Dale Roberts, Jason Heath, Robb Engen, Kornel Szrejber and Barry Choi.

Here are some of the topics:

  • How to plan your own retirement at any age
  • How to save money on taxes by optimizing your RRSP to RRIF transition
  • Get Into Your First House with the New FHSA (First Time Home Savings Account)
  • Retirement Decumulation Strategies
  • Adjusting to the World of High Interest Rates
  • Using Annuities and Equities to Create a Retirement Paycheque
  • The Pension Paradox: Lump Sum vs Cash for Life
  • Plan your personalized combination of a DIY portfolio alongside an annuity for a customized stream of retirement asset growth + monthly income.
  • What Canadian real estate investments looks like in 2023
  • How to deal with inflation on your bills and in your investment portfolio
  • The best Canadian personal finance books of all time! (That’s my topic).
  • When to take your OAS and CPP
  • Travel for free with Canada’s loyalty rewards programs

The founder of the Summit is Kyle Prevost (pictured right), who is also a writer at Million Dollar Journey, and writes the weekly MoneySense Making Sense of the Markets column, among other things.

Kyle also is the creator of a multi-media course titled 4 Steps to a Worry-Free Retirement, which I’ll be featuring in my next MoneySense Retired Money column.

The All-Access pass costs $89 if you act quickly enough. Plus, there’s a no questions asked money-back guarantee for those who change their mind.
Prevost will be sending email updates most of the week. Here’s what Monday’s said (in part):

From October 19th to October 22nd, I’ll send you an email each day that will contain the link to all the interviews and presentations for that day. Remember that if you did not buy the All Access Pass, those videos will only be available for free viewing for 48 hours from the time that they launch. There are 35+ sessions at this year’s Summit, plus 6 bonus interviews and 4 live Q&A sessions for those who purchase the All Access Pass.

The Early Bird Discount on the All Access Pass ends soon. It is your last chance to get it at the reduced price. Once the Summit starts on the 18th, the price will increase to $99, and the day the Summit ends, the All Access Pass immediately reverts back to its full $199 price tag.

Click on one of the links and you’ll see a number of bonus offerings, many of which Prevost values at $99 each. For example, there is a 40-page guide laying out exactly how Kyle invests his own money; plus a custom-made “Cheat Sheet” on reducing taxes.

See you at the Summit!


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