Happy Money vs. Findependence

text happy moneyWhile more and more financial pundits seem more inclined to retire the term Retirement, it’s by no means clear what the preferred term should be. Obviously I’m biased since I’ve invested six years in the term “Findependence,” culminating in this web site, the Financial Independence Hub. Over the weekend, we linked to Roger Wohlner’s site and his reposting of a one-year-old posting by me arguing the case for Financial Independence over Retirement. And last week, we posted financial planner Jenya Rose’s piece making the case for Happy Money over Findependence.
I then responded to that piece here at the Hub and now Jenya has reposted that piece over at her own site. She announced this on Twitter on Monday, with this gracious tweet:
responds nimbly to my post that argued is moot if you have Happy Income Touché! :)
Love that use of the hashtag in front of #Findependence!

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