How to overweight your portfolio for an oil comeback (and avoid Gambler’s Ruin)

Oil pumps on sunset

By Jonathan Chevreau

Here’s my latest Motley Fool blog, entitled (nicely by them, I thought!) How to overweight your portfolio for an oil comeback — and avoid Gambler’s Ruin.

Gambler’s ruin is a phrase popularized by Rotman Business School finance professor Dr. Eric Kirzner and refers to having a good idea about a sector (example energy) but choosing the wrong individual stock to capitalize on it (example Enron back in the day or in the telecommunications sphere a stock like Nortel Networks). The risk reduction via diversification is the strength of specialized ETFs focused on particular sectors.

The piece explores the idea of whether Canadian investors already have sufficient exposure to oil and gas via ETFs or index mutual funds based on the broad indices.

Because the Motley Fool requires full disclosure of the individual holdings of the writer, those curious can see my personal holdings in the energy sector in the disclaimer at the end of the piece. As per the full article, there will of course be more exposure to the energy sector via the broad ETFs.

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