Rocco Galati and COMER win another round of appeals against Bank of Canada

Rocco Galati at Toronto’s New City Hall Saturday

Yesterday (Jan. 26), COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform) and constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won another round of appeals in its ongoing (since late 2011) court case against the Bank of Canada.

Galati, a prominent constitutional lawyer, discussed Monday’s result shown here at Hub Videos.  In it, he said he does not believe Canada is a democracy any longer and that the media is controlled by the government.


Why this hasn’t (yet) been picked up by mainstream media

For background, see this Hub blog from last Wednesday. At an educational event for the public held Saturday at Toronto’s New City Hall Galati was asked why the COMER lawsuit had received no publicity from the mainstream media. Galati replied that “the controlled media has been given marching orders not to cover the story.”

As recorded on my Twitter feed that day he also said, referring to Members of Parliament, that “98% of MPs are too afraid to touch it and don’t want to appear stupid.”

He added that the case is more important than all other cases he’s been involved in that had received “wall to wall” coverage by the press. He predicted the case will end in the Supreme Court.

One thought on “Rocco Galati and COMER win another round of appeals against Bank of Canada

  1. He didn’t win, he lost all five times a court ruled on the suit. Many of his claims were false. The Bank of Canada still lends to the government the same way it has since its creation.
    The press did not cover it because it is not news when a small group of conspiracy theorists sues the government and lises. The mainstream press employs fact checkers. They would look at the facts and see Galati’s claims were not true.

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