Tony Robbins on how to invest like a billionaire


Via Fred Kirby’s Permanent Alert comes this morning’s piece on Marketwatch written by Tony Robbins (yes, the financial guru with the cameo spot on the movie, Shallow Hal) on how to invest like a billionaire. Fred, by the way, is one of the true fee-for-service advisers listed in our “Getting Help” section.

But back to the Robbins piece. He starts with the premise that the key to gaining financial freedom (aka Findependence?) is to control your money mistakes. The money masters share four traits:

1.) Don’t lose. (remember Warren Buffett’s two rules, the second of which is “Don’t forget Rule 1: Don’t lose money.”)

2.) Risk a little to make a lot.

3.) Anticipate and diversify.

4.) You’re Never Done.

P.S. After this was posted, a few financial advisors griped about whether we should be helping to publicize Robbins’ new book, his first in a long while. But check out this article about ten things one influential writer learned from Robbins.

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