Your most valuable asset

By Michael Meyer

Special to the Financial Independence Hub

What is your most valuable asset?

If you are like most Canadians, you may answer your investment portfolio or your home. What if I said it was your time?

If you can imagine your life as a timeline, consider three milestones that are up ahead:

1.) Your healthy life expectancy

2.) Your estimated life expectancy

3.) Your 100th birthday

With diet and exercise, you are able to push out the first two, and give yourself a healthier and longer life.  In the near future, it is possible that with medical advances both one and two may exceed your 100th birthday.  These adjustments are already being considered for pension portfolios.

Now what if I said each of those future years on your timeline are not of equal value?

How should you compare your 40s to your 60s? How do you value those years differently, and how do you weigh your spending in each year for an optimal result?

Next, I want you to think about a stacked timeline, with a separate line for each of your family members.

Certain years are more pivotal than others

You will quickly see that certain years are more pivotal than others. The years your children leave the nest, or the years after the first partner hits retirement.  What about when your parents need help, and your role shifts and becomes that of the caretaker? Predicting health outcomes is a science, and a probability can be assigned to each year of your future. It is helpful for planning purposes to be aware of these milestones, and also to understand how you differ from the average person.

It was with these thoughts in mind we developed a life planning app called OBOLX.

Writers describe the feeling of terror when staring at a blank page, and planning for the future can feel overwhelming in the same manner.  Let OBOLX quickly build a visual framework of your future, and allow you to easily connect the dots. By creating a stacked timeline for you and your family members, OBOLX allows you to visualize your future.  We believe visualization is the key to both planning for and attaining your goals.  Creating your family timeline goes a long way to ease anxiety about the future. and can help foster discussion with your loved ones, both of which are important steps to building your life plan.

OBOLX can predict the value of your investment funds and home equity for any year into the future, plus much more.  By visualizing your data, and predicting your future health and wealth milestones, you gain a truly holistic perspective of what is to come.

OBOLX takes its name from the ancient Obelisk. The  symbol has dual meanings: To the Egyptians it represented a ray of light from the Sun.  The Obelisk was a powerful symbol of illumination and the embodiment of the Sun God Ra. The Romans moved the Obelisk and placed them as milestones on their road system so travellers could mark their journey.

OBOLX illuminates the milestones on the journey of your life.

Try it free today.

Michael Meyer is the founder of, a Toronto based life planning app.


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