Why you need to share financial responsibilities with your spouse

Wealth PlanningHub Staff

From the American Family Insurance website, this article focuses on the importance of sharing budgeting and financial responsibilities with your spouse. In many relationships, it seems one party usually takes over much of the financial decision making– knowing important contacts, where money is kept and how it is spent etc. This article stresses the importance of making sure BOTH parties are on the same page with the family finances and, just as importantly, the family’s financial goals.

AmFam provides a few important steps to accomplishing this, beginning with talking to each other about things like saving, bills, retirement planning and debts.
Setting short- and long- term financial goals TOGETHER, knowing where to find your safe deposit box and combinations to the home safe, and finally making sure your loved ones know how to contact important financial contacts are the final steps to being on the same page as your spouse.

The article also discusses the importance of protecting your important papers by using preventative measures such as a safe deposit box, a fire-resistant home safe, a home filing system, and your attorney’s office to keep all your various documents safe.

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