The “Work Optional” stage: Work because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to

Nice to see the phrase “Work because you want to, not because you have to”  used by in its just-posted Retirement blog that looks at Victory Lap Retirement.

VLR, as co-author Mike Drak and I call it, has in some recent weeks cracked the Globe & Mail non-fiction bestseller list.

The line “Work because you want to, not because you have to,” was originally coined by me in the prequel to VLR: Findependence Day.

Aman Raina

Meanwhile you can view a “video book report” on Victory Lap Retirement in this clip by Sage Investor’s Aman Raina, who regular Hub readers may recognize as a guest blogger who provides considerable insights into the robo-adviser space. You can also find the video book report here via iTunes.  Aman’s most recent Hub blog was this one reviewing Year 2 of his personal Robo-adviser experience and test.

I’m flattered that Aman chose to review VLR since, as you can see in the video, he confesses to not being a huge reader of books and like myself, he receives a constant barrage of financial books from various authors and publicists.

Work SHOULD be optional in Semi-Retirement

Another way to articulate the idea of working because you want to rather than because you have to (financially speaking) is to realize you may have reached the “Work Optional” stage of life. “Work optional” is a phrase coined (I believe) by another regular Hub guest blogger, Doug Dahmer of Emeritus Retirement Solutions. You can find his latest Hub blog here.

It’s a rare conversation I’ve had with Doug where he doesn’t use the phrase “Work optional,” as in “You’ve reached the Work Optional stage of life.” But it’s a nice stage to be at and is as good a way as any to summarize the kind of Semi-Retirement we portray in the pages of Victory Lap Retirement.

Seminar on the 6 steps to Financial Independence

Finally, if you’re in Toronto, circle your calendar for March 29th, for a seminar Mike Drak and I are giving on Victory Lap and Financial Independence, together with certified financial planner Ed Rempel (who has also penned a few guest blogs for the Hub). Those who attend will receive copies of both Findependence Day and Victory Lap Retirement.

Those who can’t attend can catch a webinar on April 4th. Details on both events here.


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