Worst book of the year?

Here at the Financial Independence Hub, we generally review financial or investing books we think are worth reading. But every once in awhile, we come across a delightfully savage book review we just have to pass along.

71LbfEMQDwLA great example is Philip Cross’s review of Naomi Klein’s latest book on Climate Change, which ran in Friday’s Financial Post. I have no intention of purchasing This Changes Everything or reviewing it, or indeed anything else by this author; but whatever your politics, you have to appreciate the turns of phrase Cross employs in his skewering of Klein.

Cross, a former chief economic analyst at Statistics Canada, keys in on Klein’s hypocrisy in jetting around the world from one exotic climate conference to the next, all the while “burning the very fossil fuels she denounces.”

Here’s a choice sentence from his review:

It is not an accident that Part Two of her book is called “Magical Thinking”; she’s a master of it.

But enough on my summary: do click through to the full review. And if that doesn’t dissuade you from the book, feel free to click on the title above to obtain your own copy.


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