5 fears you shouldn’t have about retirement

This weekend piece from USA Today — 5 Fears you shouldn’t have about retirement — seems worth of inclusion in this section, even though it talks about Retirement instead of Financial Independence, and the list consists merely of five items rather than ten.

Here we’ll just list the five main fears: click on the red type above to go to the full link.

1.) I won’t get Social Security

2.) I won’t have enough money

3.) The transition will be difficult

4.) I’ll be lonely and bored

5.) I’ll become invisible.

I can’t resist adding a bit of comment here. Take a look at the other thread posted this morning about whether Financial Independence is a better term than Retirement. It seems to me that a “Findependent” lifestyle is much less subject to the above common fears than those who are shooting for a traditional “full-stop” retirement in their mid 60s.

Feel free to post any other fears in the Comment section below!

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