Canadian Financial Summit 2021 next week


Kornel Szrejber’s Canadian Financial Summit 2021 is a virtual event that will go live next Wednesday, Sept. 22. There are dozens of financial speakers featured, including many well-known financial bloggers, including Yours Truly.

My 45-minute Zoom interview with Kornel was pretty wide-ranging but focused on Retirement Income, as opposed to Wealth Accumulation. The working title for the discussion was Semi-Retirement: the Halfway House between Employment and Full Retirement. Or as Doug Dahmer and other retirement gurus have dubbed it, the “Work Optional” phase of our working careers.

Certainly our chat was informative and entertaining: I certainly revealed a lot of how our family’s own personal finances are handled and I learned that Kornel — like Michael James and Robb Engen — has long been a “pure” indexer as opposed to a hybrid investor who mixes core ETFs with a bit of dividend investing and speculation in individual stocks.

We will reprise the full interview and supply a link once the event goes alive. In the meantime, check out Robb Engen’s preview of the event that ran on the Hub earlier today.


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