Debuting today: my new “Retired Money” blog at

happy businessman with passive incomeToday and every two weeks or so, will be running a new online column by me they’re calling “Retired Money.” You can find the first instalment by clicking on this highlighted headline: Ways to Pay Less Tax in Retirement.

This first piece looks at some tax credits that working folk will probably be unfamiliar with: The Age Credit for those who are 65 with relatively low incomes, and the Pension Credit.

So what do we mean by “Retired Money?” What happened to Findependence and Victory Lap? Well, those will remain a focus of this website and my forthcoming book with Mike Drak: Victory Lap Retirement. Here’s how MoneySense bills the new column:

Retired Money …. will explore smart ways to draw down income in retirement and semi-retirement. 

Here at the Hub, we usually house topics like this under the Decumulate & Downsize section. A typical guest blog will be something from Doug Dahmer, such as Debt is a Four-Letter Word during your drawdown years.

MoneySense Portfolio Event this Saturday

Going back to MoneySense, this coming Saturday morning, May 7th, MoneySense is hosting a special event. Click on this headline for registration details: Ready to Invest for Success? The event is at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Toronto (across from the GO station) and will have an audience Q&A with various MoneySense gurus and experts from BlackRock, Franklin Templeton and other money managers.

Admission is $49 but readers of the Hub can get $20 off that simply by entering the code SPECIAL on the registration site.

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