Millennial Money: Why you need to start saving in your 20s

two young women taking selfie with mobile phoneMy new Millennial Money blog in the Financial Post today is entitled Don’t bother saving in your 20s? Why Millennials shouldn’t waste the gift of time. This post has attracted a bit of attention on my Twitter feed.

For example, Tisa Silver, author of The Time Value of Life: Why Time is More Valuable Than Money, said this:

“Thanks for sharing, Jon. You know how I feel about time! There is a heavy price to pay for procrastination.”

Financial planner Cory Papineau tweeted:

Ask Mom and Dad how that worked out!

To which, another fellow author, Robert Gignac — author of Rich is a State of Mind — replied:

But I really, really *want* stuff today – why don’t old people get that? Oh sorry, what was I thinking?

Over at Linked In, Jeanne Klimowski, CEO of Wavelength Financial Education Inc., wrote:

Great post Jonathan. It is a tragedy that most people don’t learn about the huge role time plays in investing until it’s too late to take advantage of it. Thanks for getting that message across — it is so incredibly important to young people, especially in light of the widespread retirement savings crisis out there today.

We’ll say a little more about this topic in this weekend’s wrap. In the meantime, reader comments below are welcome. No doubt we’ll be writing more about this topic as time goes on.

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