The new Weekly Wrap: Brighter Life’s top retirement writers; reflections on Encore Careers

By Jonathan Chevreau

dNEcyrhc_400x400It’s always nice to be recognized, so the Hub is happy to pass on Friday’s announcement by of some of the Top Retirement writers for 2014.

The list includes me and via my Twitter feed, a nod to the Financial Independence Hub. It also notes my affiliation with MoneySense.cafor whom I am Editor-at-Large.

Last week, Sun Life Financial also announced its list of top Money writers for 2014, which includes the Globe & Mail’s Rob Carrick, and the Toronto Star’s Ellen Roseman.

I’m not sure what exactly the distinction is between Money and Retirement, but I suppose it’s the kind of fine distinction I myself make between Retirement and Financial Independence.

As I remarked on Twitter, there is a little irony about being categorized as a retirement writer, since this site labours to make a distinction between the traditional concept of Retirement and the evolving one of Financial Independence, or Findependence.

Thus far, however, I don’t believe Sun Life has a category for Top Findependence Writers, and I suppose the Hub should take that on itself. We already do in a way: click on our Best Blogs tab for a list of the Plutus award winners.

However, at MoneySense, my columns and blogs are indeed labelled “Financial Independence” rather than “Retirement.” You can find a list of those pieces all in one place at the MoneySense website, some of which get flagged here at the Hub. There are also many pieces at the Hub, including those of guest bloggers, that do not appear at the MoneySense site.

The Hub’s new Encore Acts section

Brighter Life’s list of top retirement writers also includes Sheryl Smolkin and her new Retirement Redux site. In a guest blog here at the Hub soon after our November launch, Sheryl described her own journey from Early Retirement to Findependence, which evolved into an “encore career” focused on blogging about Retirement.

As we noted in Friday’s book review of Unretirement and an earlier post about all these terms, a lot of Baby Boomers like Sheryl and me may have left the corporate womb but we remain fully engaged in our own enterprises. Come to think of it, I can’t recall the last time I worked Saturday morning when I was a salaried employee!

Increasingly, Retirement may prove to be merely a transition to an major emerging phase between a MidLife focused on Wealth Accumulation and what used to be called full-stop Retirement in and around the age of 65. Because of the trends flagged in the Hub’s Longevity & Aging section, last week we broadened the Hub category Business Ownership by renaming it Encore Acts. The rationale  for the change is here but while an Encore Career may include launching a business, it may also involve many alternative paths that do not. (I suppose the Hub is a big part of my own Encore Act.)

My latest “Retirement” articles

While we are on the topic of Retirement and Retirement savings, two RRSP pieces I wrote appeared the past week at Motley Fool and the Financial Post. It also occurs to me that this Saturday blog seems to have evolved into a “Weekly Wrap” of highlights both here at the Hub and elsewhere. I invite fellow bloggers to email me at if they think an item may be worthy of inclusion. I monitor a lot but it’s tough to stay on top of everything.

Click on the coloured headlines below to read the full pieces:

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Financial Post:

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