Gold guru Peter Schiff says Goldmoney deal will draw millions to BitGold

Peter Schiff (Twitter.com)

Author and US-based gold guru Peter Schiff is teaming up with a Canadian gold fin-tech company — Goldmoney Inc. — in a deal both parties expect will accelerate the firm’s growth into “millions” of users seeking a “real-money” alternative to the “fiat” currencies of the world’s central banks.

Initial details were revealed on Friday, when Toronto-based Goldmoney Inc. (trading as XAU on the TSX), announced its plan to acquire Schiff Gold Inc. (SGI) and form a marketing and service agreement with Schiff (pictured left).

The Hub last looked at Goldmoney and its Bitgold in this post in March: BitGold: a cure for savers frustrated with low or negative interest rates? The link also contains my blog on this for the Financial Post.

And we looked at a couple of recent books on the soaring gold price in a Hub post in June. You can find the review, which includes Schiff’s The Real Crash, in this Hub review titled The New Case for Gold. The link also contains my blog on this for Motley Fool Canada.

The Goldmoney release describes Schiff Gold Inc. (“SGI”) as a “private, US-based dealer in precious metals” that was launched in 2010 under the name Euro Pacific Precious Metals. It in turn was described as “one of the largest and fastest growing retail gold dealers” that services a large client base with buy and sell orders for precious metals, storage and vaulting arrangements and gold & silver IRA arrangement services.”

Schiff is the “LeBron James of the gold market”

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Exploring the ExPat Lifestyle in Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende

View of San Miguel from top of the Rosewood Hotel (Photo J. Chevreau)

Last week, my wife Ruth and I enjoyed a week’s vacation in San Miguel de Allende, which is located in central (and landlocked) Mexico. We’d been to Mexico several times over the years but never this particular community, which is not handy to a major airport.

It was also our first trip to Latin America in about five years, since we had been taking our February breaks in Florida in more recent years.

Ironically, San Miguel was prominently featured in the old magazine I published around the year 2000: The Wealthy Boomer. At the time, I remember being impressed by the fact the cost of living for semi-retired American and Canadian baby boomers was roughly half what it was in our home countries. This theme was also applied to various Asia locations in a Hub blog last year featuring the book Planet Boomer. See also my post, titled 5 Asian locations where retirement is more affordable than North America.

Trading high taxes for crime?

Back during the days of the tax-and-spend Jean Chretien Liberals, I found the Mexican expatriate fantasy quite compelling, so much so that I listened to Spanish instructional tapes on my long commutes to the National Post’s bunker then located in Don Mills. But the fantasy of becoming a tax exile/early retiree faded once the Conservative Party achieved power and seemed to offer at least the hope of more reasonable levels of taxation (the Tax-free Savings Account being a major positive example.)

Meanwhile, the unremitting press over drug-cartel-related crime in Mexico reached a crescendo in the last few years so we stopped visiting for a spell.  Continue Reading…

Review: Conrad Black’s Rise to Greatness

Companion volumes?

By Jonathan Chevreau

With Christmas just a week and a half away, the burning question about Conrad Black’s new Rise to Greatness is this: Would you like a family member to buy you a copy and place it under the tree? Alternatively, is there someone in your circle who would appreciate such a gift?

With a suggested retail price of $50, this is more than you’d spend on most books. On the other hand, once wrapped it will have an impressive bulk. Weighing in at 1,106 pages it’s at least two-and-a-half inches thick (I measured it).

And as you can see from the photo, there is a close connection between this massive book and a dictionary. If you really want to benefit from Black’s Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present, you need to have a dictionary at hand, as I did. Continue Reading…